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General conditions
By using this site, you accept August Petersson & Son’s (org. No. 556072-1515) “Purchase and delivery terms” and “Terms of use”. These “Purchase and delivery terms” shall apply to access to the website and the sale of products by August Petersson & Son AB on this website (“Purchase and delivery terms”).

To shop at you must have turned 18 year. We reserve the right to cancel orders from persons who have provided incorrect personal data and / or have payment complaints.

Open purchase / cancellation right does not apply to special orders of so-called customized products or products that are in any way adapted, modified or changed at the customer’s request before delivery.

Fact and price information is provided with reservation for typographical errors, technically wrong suppliers’ price increases and inventory, as well as for final sales.

August Petersson & Son does not guarantee that the product images on the website represent the exact appearance, size or other characteristic features of products, eg. color reproduction may be due, inter alia, to on monitor and settings in your computer.

A product that is somehow surface-treated, eg gilt, surface-matured, etc. will, due to wear, over time lose its original surface character. Such wear and tear is considered general wear and is not covered by warranty, nor can it be claimed. Nor is it wrong due to an accident after you have received the product, neglect or abnormal use is covered by some guarantees and cannot be advertised.


August Petersson & Son’s web shop range consists of products from the regular range from the physical store.


All product on the webbsite are prices in Swedish kronor including 25% VAT. The price that applies is what is stated on the day you make your order. Shipping costs and other fees not included in the product price are reported before you confirm your order. The prices in August Petersson & Son’s web shop and in the physical store may vary.

All outside Sweden customer get theirs currancy.

We reserve the right for prints of price or product color / appearance.


We work together with Klarna Sweden and with Klarna Checkout

Collecting and processing your personal data and credit information is necessary in order for us to be able to process your request for 14-day credit. If you have paid the payment and correctly cancel the purchase, we will refund the amount within 30 days. Minors (under the age of 18) may not make purchases.

You can also pay with creditcard.


All items are fully insured by August Petersson & Son until you have received the shipment as a customer. When you as a customer pick up the shipment, you take over the responsibility for the product / products. In the case of shipments outside the European Union, the customer is responsible for any costs incurred on the shipment upon import into each country, costs such as customs duties and payment of any VAT.


The customer is responsible for the return. We recommend that the product be sent via the Post office. We do not settle any cash on delivery. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the goods during transport.

The customer must return the product to together with a copy on the order form. Returns approved by must be submitted no later than 7 days. Shipping must be paid for and the product must be well packaged in an approved outer packaging. The customer is at risk for the product during transport.

Delivery time

Delivery time is usually 2-4 working days (weekdays) from the order date (does not apply to special orders), see also info on the individual product. If an ordered product deviates from normal delivery time, we will contact you by e-mail to notify the estimated new delivery time. In the event of a substantial delay in delivery other than agreed, you have the right to cancel the purchase. Should we be required to deliver your order, August Petersson & Son will be responsible for the extra shipping fee. August Petersson & Son cannot be held responsible for local delivery delays or if deliveries are delayed due to customs duties or due to incorrect delivery address.

* In the case of special orders for so-called customized products, the delivery time can be between 2-6 working weeks.

Customer details

You as a customer confirm that the information (such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address and other preferences) you entered to August Petersson & Son and which is the basis for your order is correct and updated. You as a customer also take responsibility for updating the information that is necessary.


You place an order on the website by adding product (s) to “Shopping Cart” and then go to “Checkout”. You also need to confirm your order by clicking on the button labeled “Finish purchase” to confirm the order. You are asked to accept the purchase and delivery terms that apply to this website when ordering. By acceptance, you hereby confirm that you have read, approved and understood the meaning of these terms and conditions. An order is only accepted under the terms of these Purchase and Delivery Terms. Once the order has been confirmed, you will receive an “Order Confirmation” via e-mail. The order confirmation will include all details about product (s), price (s) for product (s) including VAT and other charges, delivery date (s), delivery costs, terms and conditions


Once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with information about your orders. It is good if you save the order confirmation in order to be on hand for any contact with the customer service.


All orders are sent via Posten as MyPack or recommended letter or DHL. Orders for invoice and / or partial payment are only sent to your registered address via Klarna. You will pick up your shipment from the nearest post office. Remember that you must be able to legitimize your order to acknowledge your shipment.

To Denmark and Finland are fix freight cost 250 SEK for smaller goods

Unclaimed shipment

In the case of a non-picked item, August Petersson & Son will charge the customer for shipping, re-shipping and an administrative fee. The administrative fee is currently SEK 250 and 3% of the goods value.

Open purchase / Right of withdrawal

Extended return rights: Purchases made in webshop from 1st December to 21st December this year, are covered by August Petersson & Son’s extended right of withdrawal. This means that you can return your goods until the 5th of January of the following year and get the money back after usual return handling. Contact August Petersson & Son’s customer service via e-mail or telephone no later than January 5th from receipt of the product for instructions. Otherwise, our customary terms regarding returns also apply to the extended right of withdrawal.

We apply the rules in the Distance Contract Act, which means that you can cancel your purchase within 14 days of receipt, without giving any reason, provided the product is returned in unused condition and original packaging. Any sealing must not be broken. All accessories and associated documentation such as warranty and authenticity documents and a copy of the receipt must be attached.

Note This does not apply to ordering goods / Special goods / Customized goods or specially engraved products. See general terms, at the top

Contact August Petersson & Son’s customer service via e-mail or telephone no later than 14 days from receipt of each for instructions on how to proceed. The purchase price (the price of the product and other charges, including freight) will be refunded in full, no later than 30 days after we have returned the product and approved the return.

If it is ordered against invoice or partial payment, it is important that we receive the return before the invoice due date.

The customer is responsible for the return shipping. Returns must not be made as cash on delivery or after payment. The goods must only be returned with the recommended delivery method.

All returns must be handled via August Petersson & Son’s webshop, so you cannot get the money back or exchange for another item in our physical store.

Open purchase / Right of withdrawal does not apply to special orders for so-called customized products, ordering goods or products that are in any way adapted, resized, engraved, modified or otherwise modified at the customer’s request before delivery.

In the event of any disputes, we follow the General Complaints Board’s decision. See also the applicable distance trading act with the Swedish Consumer Agency.


If you, for any reason, receive a damaged, non-functioning product or product that otherwise deviates from what has been ordered, full return rights apply for 14 days. Contact August Petersson & Son’s customer service via e-mail: for instructions on how to proceed.

It is the responsibility of August Petersson & Son to handle all possible shipping costs, provided that the complaint is valid. You must make a notification of the defective product to August Petersson & Son as soon as possible or within a reasonable time after the fault was discovered (the complaint). You must inform August Petersson & Son in writing or by e-mail, and explain why you want to advertise the product. The product must be returned in unused condition and original packaging. Any sealing must not be broken. All accessories and associated documentation such as warranty and authenticity documents and a copy of the receipt must be attached. The customer is responsible for the return freight and August Petersson & Son credits any shipping costs provided the complaint is valid. Returns must not be made as cash on delivery or after payment. The goods must be returned to August Petersson & Son with the recommended delivery method.

Warranty against errors

August Petersson & Son guarantees that all products are free from factory and manufacturing defects (so-called original faults) when delivered. Each individual item is carefully checked before it is shipped. If the product, supposedly, would have an original error on delivery, then August Petersson & Son is primarily entitled to offer repair or replacement of the product. Repair or new delivery must be done within a reasonable time after the complaint was made. August Petersson & Son handles the return shipping to the customer after the repair / exchange has been completed. The customer must make a notification of the defective product to August Petersson & Son as soon as possible or within a reasonable time after the fault was discovered (complaint


When you visit this website, non-personal information can be stored about how the page is used.

A cookie is a small text file that the web page you visit saves on your computer’s temporary space. Cookies are used by many websites to give visitors access to various functions. The information contained on a cookie can be used to study which pages have been visited and how long the visit to the website lasted.

There are two kinds of cookies. The first saves a file for future use on the visitor’s computer and is used, for example, for functions that describe what information is new on the web page since it was last visited. The second kind of file is called “session cookie”. It is stored temporarily in the visitor’s computer’s memory while it visits the web page and is used, for example, to determine which language the visitor has chosen. Session cookies are not stored on the visitor’s computer for the future but are deleted when it closes its browser or the session time expires.

You can in your browser choose not to accept cookies. You will be able to use large parts of the site anyway. However, to complete an order or create a user account, the site’s technical system requires that your browser is set to accept cookies.

Payment security

Your online payment is secured by August Petersson & Son using payment services from DIBS ( and PBS International AB. DIBS systems are approved by all Swedish banks and certified according to PCI DSS by VISA and MasterCard in order to convey payment transactions in the highest security class. All communication between the store and your bank is managed by DIBS and encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). You can see that the payment is made on a secure page, because the address on the payment page starts with https: // and that a padlock is displayed in the lower right corner of your browser. August Petersson & Son AB therefore never has access to the card information and therefore cannot register or store your card details.

DIBS also supports 3D Secure to identify the cardholder when buying on the Internet and thereby reduce the risk of misuse of card information. If your card is connected to 3D Secure, you will be transferred to your bank for verification before the payment is approved. If you have further questions regarding security or payment methods, you are welcome to contact August Petersson & Son AB’s customer service.

Internal security

APS provides internal security systems for protection against fraudulent or unauthorized purchases and reserves the right not to dispatch an order suspected of being fraudulent. This may mean that an order is stopped even though it is not a fraud. APS hopes that you, as a customer, have the respect of this when it comes to your safety. We follow up and report police all kinds of fraud and fraud attempts. If you believe that your order has been processed incorrectly, please contact us for manual processing.

Contact Us

Contact us at if you have questions regarding our terms of use. Also note that these Terms of Use may be extended, restricted and / or updated at any time.