Rivoir – Allians – Eternity ring. Eternal Blaze

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Artikel: Eternityring Eternal Blaze

Material: 18 k guld, vitguld eller Platina (C:a 1500-2500 kr extra)


Halv allians 12-15 st. Från 0,015 – 0,05 ct/st

Hel Allians 25- 27 st Från 0,015 – 0,05 ct/st

Kvalité: Tw-Vs xxx

Bredd: 2 – 4 mm

Höjd. 1,6 mm

Priser ifrån:

0,015 ct/st. Total 0,22 ct.  15,995 kr

0,02 ct/st.  Total 0,39 ct. 19,995 kr

0,03 ct/st.  Total 0,45 ct. 21,990 kr


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There is one criterion which is particularly important to us which we would like to add to the 4 C’s described above: “TRUST”. As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), Rivoir offers transparency when purchasing diamonds, and is aware of its responsibility as a modern jewellery manufacturer. We exclusively use diamonds from ethical sources and pay attention to fair working conditions in the extraction process.


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